Go Watch the News

11 September 2001

I was going to write about all kinds of things. But I'm watching the news right now, because my mom e-mailed me that two planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings in New York. And now there's a fire at the Pentagon, a fire on the Mall, and they've evacuated the White House. The plane crashes are assumed to be a deliberate terrorist attack. Trading has been suspended on Wall Street, and the FAA has suspended take-offs and landings at all airports around the country -- I'm not sure about this, why would they worry about landings at airports? But all of the major news sites are down, probably due to too much traffic.

How could I have anything to say about this? What is there to say? Go watch the news. Find out what's going on. Whatever it is, it's gone beyond horrific. The crash into the World Trade Center was after 8:30 in the morning: a lot of people were at work. I have no idea how many people are dead because of this.

They've never shut down every airport in the country in response to a peacetime emergency (unless you count the air-traffic controller strike, which is a different creature entirely).

It was also a plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Good Lord. Just go watch the news, all right?

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