In Which Wedding Mode Begins

19 August 2004

They have such cool things at Dayton's. (Marshall Field's. Whatever.) I didn't buy the really, really cool things as wedding presents, because they were a bit out of our budget, and also because it's not nice to buy people glass heads inside glass spheres if you're not pretty sure they'll like them. (They were so cool, though. Kosta Boda. A mere $475. If ever I have $475 to spend on a glass head in a sphere, I totally know which one I want.) We did get some pretty cool wedding presents for Michelle and Scott, though, and Mark also got something whimsical and silly and fun, and I got books and pie weights. I did not manage to find several of the presents I was hoping to find, but none of them is urgent enough that it had to be handled yesterday. In fact, having gone and done it, I'm now hard-pressed to say why I needed to find Michelle and Scott's wedding present before they got married. We're sending it to them, and they're honeymooning, so I most likely will not actually send it to them until just before I leave for WorldCon, so...yeah. Somehow it looks less urgent than it did 24 hours ago. But it's done now, and more or less to my satisfaction, too.

Mark got a call from Scott this morning about picking up the tux this afternoon and coming to a fish fry this evening. So we're going to try to get everything done before sometime in the late afternoon and if we can't, we're going to go anyway. Tuxes will be fitted. Fish will be fried.

Tomorrow morning is a bridesmaid's salon dealie, so I'm not going to have time for a journal entry. Saturday morning is the wedding itself -- well, the hair appointment for it, at least, following which I will not be coming home until all is said and done. So I'll talk to all you people on Sunday, unless you e-mail and maybe not even then. Have a good early part of the weekend.

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