Social Butterfly, Part 1

18 August 2001

I know, I know, 4:00 in the afternoon and no journal entry from me. Horrifying.

It's because I'm such a social butterfly, is what. I went up to Oakland this morning to have iced chai with Tim (fool that I was, I didn't taste his iced vanilla latte until it was too late) and then lunch, a lovely lovely mozarella and tomato sandwich. And we talked about stories and about our books and about various and sundry life things. And about our books. Did I mention that we talked about our books? Yes. Much. We now have many spoilers for each other's plots, because we're too excited about the mud person and the old men in the hills, respectively, to keep our mouths shut.

I have heard of authors who say that you should never talk about your stories before you write them, because then you will put all your energy into talking about them and lose that energy for writing them. Bunk. I am, if anything, more excited after talking to people about the coolness of my new book. I just have to be careful not to get too braggy, because I think this book is so darn cool.

I wrote a short story last night, just sat down and pounded out all 3000 words of it. It may need revisions. It certainly needs a title. It's about false memories and revenge. It was somewhat nasty to write. But I'd had the opening paragraph for months, and somehow, after I got home from really tasty Thai food with Mark, I just had the rest of the story. Had to sit down and write it. So okay then. I kind of want to do another one tonight like that, but I don't know how early we'll be home.

Tonight, we're going to a company party for Mark's company. Bosses and all. It'll be nice to put names with faces. I also hear that the boss who is having the party has a very swanky home. It doesn't sound like it's a high swank factor on the party (I'm wearing sandals and Mark is wearing jeans, if that's an indicator), but people with nice homes often have nice books to drool at.

Or maybe that's just the people I know. Anyway. I'm going to talk to Timprov before I leave for that, and maybe read a little more of The Europeans or Hammerfall. I have a lot more to say. I just need not to do it right now.

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