In Which a Dragon Gets Time Out

11 August 2004

Yesterday started out Beat Mrissa's Butt Day in Siriland, but by the time Siri left, it had been proclaimed Torture Everybody Day. Also, Gavin had put my stuffed dragon in time out. We're still not sure what it did. It Was Bad, apparently. Good thing Gavin instituted the time out, because Bad dragons are dangerous, or so I would guess.

Also, Bridget thinks she can stand up. She can't, but she thinks she can. I love that stage of baby-ness. Actually there are many stages of baby-ness I love. And one of the things I love best is that they learn to stand by doing all the stuff they do when they think they can stand but can't.

There's a life lesson in there somewhere.

I need to do some laundry and pack today. Tomorrow we leave at a pretty humane hour of the midmorning, but I'm still not going to write a journal entry, so this is your last one until Monday. In case you've lost track of these things, I'm going to Michigan for Mark's Gritter grandmother's 75th birthday party. We come back at another humane hour on Sunday afternoon. Hurrah for flights we can choose ourselves.

In addition to laundry and packing, there will be work on the book, lunch with C.J., coffee with Lydy, and possibly an errand or so. And cooking. And most likely reading more of The Ghost Sister, which, incidentally, does not have anything we would regard as ghosts in it so far, which is all to the good from where I'm sitting.

Okay. Lunch for me now. Other stuff later.

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