In Which Pictures Ensue

10 August 2004

So I'm putting Quicksilver aside for the time being: too wiped-out tired to grapple with a volume that big. That seems like a dumb reason not to read a book ("too many paaaages"), but I'm not not reading it. I'm just not reading it today. Instead I finished the latest F&SF last night and have started Liz Williams's The Ghost Sister. I've enjoyed Liz Williams's books in the past, and it's a paperback, to indulge my current wimpiness a little longer.

Had a good lunch with Pamela and David, but after that and two grocery errands, I was pretty much done for the day. I had stopped taking the Yellow Ellipsoids of Death yesterday morning so that I would be non-dizzy enough to drive. It worked, but I was coughing a bit more and then a bit more and so on throughout the day, until it got to the point where I decided the dizziness was worth it again. I may try again tomorrow morning and see how the cough is going then. It's certainly still around this morning even with the requisite Ellipsoid.

Lunch today was with Rachel (Mark drove, and it was two minutes from our house). As usual I enjoyed it, but I ended up all shivery for more than half of it. It is not warm here! Not warm at all, and combined with my current energy levels, that's not great. Could be worse, though.

I've been in full Minnesota mode lately when it comes to evaluating things. Most things are "not too bad" when they're not "not too good." A lot of things "could be worse," but a few "could be better." Don't ask me how "pretty okay" is better than "okay," but "pretty good" is worse than "good." It's not my responsibility. I didn't make these rules, I just use them.

Intonation matters, though, so I suppose the pretty/okay/good thing isn't a hard and fast rule.

Aaaaanyway, I finally got the dealing-with-photos software installed on my new computer, so you can look at my birthday pictures. I even like some of them. Always a good thing in birthday stuff.

I'm not done with my birthday yet. In case you've forgotten. I am, however, done with this journal entry.

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