In Which Our Heroine Enjoys Thunder

1 August 2004

If this was a Very Secret Diary, the tag line here would be "still not well yet." I'm also still not king, but I would like to be well. Hope to be well. Intend to be well.

Soon. Really.

We got thunderstorms last night, and this morning it's thundering again. I missed this so much.

Charles de Lint's The Wild Wood was...another de Lint. With everything Hannah noted about it. Sigh. Even when the heroine was afraid of her own woods, I wasn't; I never feared that she'd be torn to bits by mad fairies or anything like that. It was faintly pathetic, not frightening.

This was a particularly odd example to me, though, because de Lint was writing about an artist whose work was technically proficient but had become spark-less, much of a muchness. And he seemed to know what she should do about it: she should turn to her inspiration but also not be afraid to take risks. Well, Mr. de Lint? Apparently he knows what to do, and now it's a matter of doing it. I understand that that can be easier said than done, but...go. Do.

After I finished The Wild Wood, I was in the mood for a mystery, so I read Barbara D'Amato's Hard Road. It was fine. There was nothing really wrong with it (except for one particularly clunky exchange, but out of a whole book, whatever, no biggie). I won't be going for the rest of the series, though. I don't mind trying mystery authors a bit at a time to see which ones I like. They're mostly fast reads. But as I've said before, I don't enjoy mysteries as a genre in the way that I enjoy spec fic as a genre (or genres). It's not mine in the same way. Even though some mysteries are definitely on my list of highly recommended favorites.

Now I'm reading Lian Hearn's Brilliance of the Moon, the third book in the Tales of the Otori. I've enjoyed the previous two books in the series, and this one is going well so far. Also I just love the cover. I think it's so well-done, all blue-purple and purty. I love so few covers that it's probably worth mentioning when I do, but usually I forget.

Being as how I'm still sick and still croaky, I'm betting it'll be another reading-heavy day. I thought of watching "The Princess Bride" yesterday but somehow didn't do it. Today is supposed to be my day off from work. It's been good, taking days off on Sundays. Lets the brain recharge a bit and eases off the shoulders a bit. Okay. Back to the Otori and bed and staying hydrated for me.

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