In Which Our Heroine Does Not Have Any Illness of Any Kind

29 July 2004

I'm not saying I have Mark's cold. In fact, I refuse to have Mark's cold. But I do have extremely little energy, a frog in my throat, and swollen lymph nodes. Which are all, of course, entirely unrelated to Mark's cold.

I've worked on Sampo and a bit on Zodiac House this morning, and I'm still reading The Grand Ellipse. If it was more annoying, I would quit reading it. If it was less annoying, I would quit grinding my teeth. But it is neither more nor less annoying. Why oh why oh why does the "spirited but not very sensible young person" meme get so popular? Why are we supposed to admire a plucky young woman in particular and not notice that she's also idiotic? Why is it okay for the men to constantly have to bail her out as long as she's defiant of male authority?


The UPS man just brought me more presents. Not from him, although he and the FedEx lady and the postalbeings do enough business from us that maybe they ought to start observing our birthdays and Christmas with presents for us. Anyway, the UPS guy brought me The White Death: The Epic of the Soviet-Finnish Winter War from Scott and also the duvet cover I ordered. I do not feel up to wrestling the duvet into the new cover to check the effect right now. But it needs doing before I wash the cover and wrestle it back onto the duvet. Oof. Mark can help, maybe. That seems like a plan, or something approximating one.

No, I'm not coughing. Why do you ask? I'm merely clearing my throat enthusiastically.

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