In Which Our Heroine Requests a Trivial Superpower

13 July 2004

It is now less than two weeks to my birthday. I'm just sayin'.

The U Library sends you a reminder two weeks before your books are due. Which is, I suppose, nice of them, but I put it on my calendar when I get home, so when I see the notice in my inbox, I always think I've had a book recalled early instead. Because the U Library lets people do that.

Last night we had spontaneous dessert with half of the livejournal entity known as Minnehaha, the other half being out of town. I was willing to set aside my antisocial behavior a half-day early, since both halves of Minnehaha will be out of the country from very soon until sometime this fall. First Course had half-price wine -- all week they have it, apparently, so go thou, drink, but don't drink something too obscure, or they will wibble over it, and it will not be chilled.

Today Jon is supposed to call to get coffee over his break any minute now, and Timprov was talking about a spec fic writers' gathering somewhere in the Nokomis area. Don't know if I'll make it to that, or if Timprov will, but it's something I'll consider when I know how the rest of my day is going. Timprov's doctor's appointment went well this morning, albeit without any magical solutions. That's the news so far.

You know what minor superpower I would like, if they were handing out the trivial ones? Psychic cloth knowledge. Specifically, I would like the ability to tell which of two identical pairs of shorts will have a seam that always flips up uncomfortably, which of two identical skirts will have a hem that turns itself inside out, which of two identical pairs of jeans will have pockets that shrink funny and never lay flat again, which of two identical bras will have a wire twist to poke into your flesh, which of two identical pairs of panties will have elastic that stretches so they fall off -- or shrinks to cut into your butt -- or shrinks and then stretches so the fabric puckers -- or....

You get the point. It's not when one of the supposedly-identical garments is cut differently, because you can try them on to figure that out. It's not when they're constructed cheaply, because you can check the seams etc. on that one. It's something wholly apart from that and no good at all. And that's what I want to know in advance. As a minor superpower.

I don't think that's unreasonable, do you?

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