In Which Our Heroine Works Through the Stupid

7 July 2004

I'm taking Timprov to his MRI this morning. I don't know whether he'll feel in any way strange or incapacitated after it, but it seems like a good thing not to have to drive yourself to or from medical procedures if at all possible, so I'm grabbing a book and heading out. I'm just relieved his insurance is straightened out so he can have an MRI in the first place. Stupid insurance anyway.

Yesterday I scowled at the monitor a lot. A lot. I wanted to write either the marketing item I should have written over a year ago or else the new Chapter 2 to Thermionic Night, as the old Chapter 2 is becoming Chapter 4, and nobody wants to see Chapter 4 right off. I had no way into Chapter 2', even though I knew roughly what I wanted it to do. The roughly was too roughly. I have followed my own dictates (if you can't think of something good to write, write something stupid), and eventually they worked. It's just that there was a heck of a lot of stupid in the interim.

Some of you probably don't believe me about the stupid. Some of you probably think I am being too hard on myself with the stupid. Some of you are wrong.

And as I was typing this, I just sold another story: Story Station bought "Big Sister." Yay! I saw yesterday that Story Station was paying for YA stories, and allowing them up to 3,000 words. So I dusted off "Big Sister" and sent it off, and they wanted it. E-subs are our friends. At least some of the time....

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