In Which Our Heroine Anticipates Running Hither and Thither, Possibly Also Yon

2 July 2004

Oof, what a day it will be.

I'm going to get out and mow the yard while it's still not too hot. It will be buggy. Those are my choices: hot or buggy. Or both. Most likely both in either case, but the yard needs mowing before Tuesday, and Timprov is unlikely to be healthy enough to do it. I have assigned weekend chores to Timprov based on what he is healthy enough to do, and next week there will be an MRI for the Timprov, and that will be good. Progress. Finally. (Have I mentioned that I hate insurance companies on his behalf? I do. Sometimes also on my own. Grrrr, insurance companies!)

When the yard is mown and the pepper staked, I will come in and shower and get dressed and then fetch prescriptions and money and road supplies and all. I will work on my book and I will write something I should have written about a year and a half ago but never got to at the time, and I will eat lunch at the proper time, and I will finish packing those things that couldn't be packed last night, and I will fetch the answering machine back up from the basement and install it, now that we don't have voicemail. I will go to Stella's to fetch a present she has helped with. If there is time, I will hang a picture or two and order tickets for WorldCon's flight. I doubt that there will be time. And before supper, Mark and I will leave for Omaha for the weekend.

If I get any reading done this morning or afternoon, it will be Sara Tilghman Nalle's Mad for God: Bartolomé Sánchez, the Secret Messiah of Cardenete. I started it yesterday, borrowed from Jon when he was last here. It's interesting. This historical personage makes some sense to me, with the way Nalle writes him. I can see why he would say the things he did and make the decisions he did. Sánchez had a long court trial, and before it extensive interviews to determine his fitness to stand trial, so he gets to speak for himself in court documents, and Nalle uses that pretty extensively.

Mark and I will be gone until Monday, so don't expect a journal entry until Tuesdayish. On the phone last weekend, my mom asked me what I'd like to do this weekend, and I said, "Do?" She laughed at the panic in my voice, and we agreed that it was not necessary to do much of anything. So we will be going to "Richard III" at Shakespeare on the Green, if it doesn't rain like it did last year, and other than that we will play it by ear.

And now I'm procrastinating rather than getting clothes on and going out to mow. Sigh. Can't put it off much longer. All right. Have a good weekend.

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