In Which We Receive Voltage

22 June 2004

I was disappointed with the CNN coverage of the space launch, but the launch itself was still pretty cool. The CNN people were clearly sub-thrilled, and they had talking heads at all the wrong moments. Ah well.

Kev and I went to the Hidden Falls. They're awfully hidden: we didn't find them, even upon walking for miles and miles. It was a nice walk, but we came back a bit warm and bug-bitten despite the switch to Cutter's on my mom's recommendation.

There was no lounge singer at Nina's last night. Perhaps it's a weekend thing. We had fun anyway -- Roo took a bit of time to wake up, but once he did, we had manic tired toddler fun together, dancing on the dance floor and playing with a bead curtain and going up and down and up and down two steps off the dance floor. (Roo's Uncle TEEEEEEEM has renamed himself Uncle Handrail after the ups and the downs and the ups and the downs.)

Stella got Mark a giraffe rattle. Mark believes the giraffe is named Volt. I can just picture us with a twerpie around the house: "Where's your Volt?" And the small child: "Volt! Volt!" Ah well; they can tell their college friends about it someday.

It's Kev's last day here, and I'm not entirely sure what we're going to be up to. (Up to what we're going to be? Up with which I will not put!) Kev is still pondering it. In the meantime, I've put wild rice chili in the crockpot, so we're ready to face the day no matter what, with that at the end of it.

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