In Which We Keep It Brief

14 June 2003

Yesterday, the good bits: deli sandwiches in Sausalito. My dad at the Bay Model. Everybody at Muir Woods. Mexican dinner. Getting stuff done so that we don't have to worry about some of it this morning. Mark trading robes with Mema so they both had the right robe in plenty of time. My new custom jeans arriving 2-4 weeks earlier than scheduled and fitting as they ought. Dave, Lin, and Sarah getting into town in a safe and more-or-less timely fashion.

Yesterday, the bad bits: five adults in a Neon. Richmond Bridge construction. The internet going down for half the day. Being tired. The deli lady who really, really didn't want to actually work at her job.

The good bits were much bigger than the bad bits. This is, of course, just the highlights.

Happy fiftieth birthday, Dad!

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