In Which the Week's Forecast Includes Heavy Rain and Light Journal Entries

7 June 2004

It's Mark's grandma's birthday today.

Mark's folks went over there this weekend to see her and Grandpa again, and when she was still able to talk, she was talking about her birthday coming up. Lin (Mark's mom) thinks Grandma may have been holding out for her birthday. I hope they sing to her. I'm pretty sure Grandpa will.

So that's what's on my mind today.

I shut up the house and turned on the AC this morning. It's so much nicer than having a window unit that only serves the three feet in front of it, it's not even funny. I am hard pressed to think of a way in which our Minnesota house is inferior to our California apartment. Even though I have to call various service beings to fix various items and pay for it ourselves directly.

It's supposed to rain hard tonight and for the next few days, so I should probably get some weeding done today. The should list is pretty long, though.

Expect light entries from me this week: not in tone but in length. I may manage the long one that's been percolating awhile, or the shorter long one Mer asked for. I may not. I find that the work I have to finish is taking me a very long time, the feeling of dragging my brain behind me on a stick. I agreed to do this project for fun, and now it isn't fun, and it's very hard to motivate oneself to do un-fun fun things. Happily (?), I am endowed with a sense of duty, so that's what's dragging me onward. Wheee.

Dear ones, I am in need of cheering up. Which is silly, since here I have Modern Finnish Sculpture on my desk, which should provide good cheer enough for anyone. I probably won't have enough time to spend with it today, though. The good thing is that I don't have time to mope. The bad thing is that I don't have time to breathe, either.

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