Good News, Finally

4 June 2001

Well. I think you all should be proud of me. I have not whined very much at all about how Delacorte has not gotten back to me, even though they said they would. I have barely mentioned it at all.

Until I got a letter from them today saying that they would like for me to revise Fortress of Thorns and send it back to them.


(I notice that my fear was, in fact, true: they did lose my "change of address" notice and send it to the Concord address instead of here, so it took eleven days to get here. This will teach me that I am right to be neurotic! All of my neuroses are true!)

So. One of the things they want is for me to cut thirty pages from it. Does thirty pages sound like a lot to you? If not, you've probably never written a book. It sounds like a lot to me. Thirty pages is beyond what tightening up the prose can fix. Thirty pages is scene cutting level.


But this is good. It really is.

I had a lovely time up in the Berkeley hills with Susan, and there are prospects for some of Evan's flourless chocolate cake (no link on that, sadly: I have no recipe as yet). So it is a lovely lovely day.

I had intended to write extensively and wittily about music. Whatever. They want me to revise my book!

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