In Which Our Heroine Keeps On

26 May 2004

Coffee with Heathah and little Miss Bridget last night. Bridget is around six months old, almost seven months, and her hobbies include grabbing stuff and grinning. So I found myself talking about things like my family's cancer history while adding, "That's right!" and making goofy faces. Fabulous things, babies.

Talked to my Onie. She's hanging in there, more or less; going to the doctor soon and hoping that'll fix things right up.

Finished reading Trickster Lives -- it had interesting moments but also lots of lame ones I skimmed or skipped entirely (that's the nice thing about an essay collection: you can skip the bits that bore you). I've started reading Elizabeth Hardwick's Seduction and Betrayal, which was included in the Christmas package from Michelle and Scott but wasn't wrapped. (We do that for things we want to pass along that don't quite count as real presents due to our prior use of them etc. I've got a couple for Scott's birthday package, although I may send them early just in case M&S end up having a bad week and need something random to brighten their days.) Anyway, I like the Hardwick; I'm finding it quite readable and interesting, and a bit about Branwell Brontė amused me: "One story has poor Branwell visiting the National Gallery and, in the presence of the great paintings there, despairing of his own talents. This is hard to credit, since the example of the great is seldom a deterrent to the mediocre."

I'm going back to the U library either today or tomorrow. Probably today. It'll be easier if it's today, I think. I'm going to poke at some of the books I checked out and see if they're close to ready to go back. If they are, I'm going to suck the remaining use out of them, slurrrrrrp. Because I'll probably come home with more books anyway, and because in terms of clutter we already have enough books around. (In terms of reading I'm not sure I recognize the term "enough books." "Enough books for the next month", sure. Generally? Well, no.)

Tonight we're going to talk to Mark's folks and find out their arrival plans. I think I'm going to officially shut the files on Sampo until a week from today. I have enough to do with contract work, house stuff, and yard stuff, that if I end up with spare time in the interim, I should probably use it to relax. I doubt that I will -- have much time, I mean. It's stopped raining, so the things on the list I can actually do are more numerous, even. I didn't need more numerous.

It's gorgeous out today, sunny and lovely, and I know that I picked the right office color, because it still looks good with green-and-gold spring light filtering through the trees and in through the windows. It's a good place to be, a good place to work. And even when I'm feeling swamped, I'm very happy to be swamped here.

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