In Which the Confusion Clears (We Hope)

12 May 2004

Some of you have been reading this site on the links. That's fine, but those will be going away fairly soon. This is the last new entry I'll post on that redirect. The domain is getting redirected, and some of you probably saw error or parking messages while that was going on. I will keep this domain name long-term; glitches in it are likely to be temporary unless I warn you otherwise. You should change any links or bookmarks you have so that they go to, though. That's where I'll be.

I wasn't going to update today because of the website confusion, but eh. This'll be here whenever you can read it.

I went out and weeded this morning and blistered my finger pulling up poplars. I didn't know that trees differentiated themselves from non-trees so veryvery early, but they do, they get bark when they're less than two inches tall. I got the south side lawn weeded before it started raining. Well, mostly before it started raining. Before it started raining hard.

I've spent most of the afternoon on the damn phone. Just little chores and contacts and so on. I don't usually hate the phone so, but a series of little chores combined with a few personal conversations will make me quite willing to chuck it out the window. So no more phone for awhile, even though I have one more chore to do with it and probably should just get it all over with now.

Here's the sort-of-news of the day: I'm going to WorldCon. I thought I might be. It slid from "maybe" to "probably" to "definitely, but we'll see if Stella can go and if not I'll buy her membership so as not to make her waste money." And Stella can go. So I got around to buying my own membership today. So I'm wondering once again: who among you is going? Who among you is in the Boston area and is not going but would like to swap howdies anyway? Let me know. This will be my first hotel-staying con since ICFA '99, which was a wonderful experience but I'm sure will not be at all the same. For example, I won't be sharing a room with a random stranger. Also, nobody will be shepherding me around introducing me to wonderful people...will they? I mean, unless one of you wants to take on that role. It would be just fine with me.

I'm going to get a little more work done before I start throwing salads together. Have a good evening. Especially if you're Kev and it's your birthday.

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