In Which You Should Guess

10 May 2003

Some of you have already guessed how many novels are on my project list. The rest of you should hurry up and guess already. Come on! It'll be fun! How many? E-mail me with your guess. Nobody has gotten it right on yet, and there's a gap of over 60 between the top and bottom guessers. The others kids are doing it. You would if you loved me. Insert other peer pressure phrases here.

I may have done a bit much yesterday. But I was ready for it. I kind of needed it. I got many pages of the Not The Moose Book written and also a little bit on the short story I was doing earlier this week. Felt good on my brain, not so hot on my back. I didn't end up making dinner, actually, despite the massive quantities of food I brought home from the store. I'll do it tonight. Last night we had pizza, and I was all right with that. Yesterday I made chocolate caramel bars (thanks, Heathah!) and got the stuff ready for potato salad and washed and hulled four pounds of strawberries. (Well, see, it was only thirty cents more than two pounds, and the two pound boxes looked kinda nasty, whereas the four pound boxes, aside from their coating of sand, were fresh and appealing. And once they're cleaned and hulled and readily available, we can eat strawberries like they're going out of style. Still. Four pounds is a lot of strawberries. And I have no idea why they were so sandy. I'd never encountered that before. It was weird.)

Side note to spammers: anything that you label "This is helpfull!" is guaranteed not to be helpful. I am too sneaky for your "helpfull" ruses. Thank you.

Anyway. Read some more of Robin Hobb's Fool's Errand, watched the end of the Eco-Challenge. I was satisfied but not thrilled with the ending, or rather with the way they covered the ending. I also kept rolling my eyes when they were talking about how the Playmate team was proving that women could be strong and athletic as well as beautiful, because most of the non-Playboy-related women were at least as attractive as that team. At least. So it seemed like they were proving nothing that hadn't been readily apparent before. Silly coverage. (Not that that was the only way in which it was silly, of course.) And nobody was referred to as bonking (= completely exhausted) this year! Very sad.

The plan for today is that Mindy and Tinjin will come over for lunch, so I'd like the place to be a little more presentable before then. After that, I'm not sure. Timprov is already sleeping. Mark and I may end up shopping (on a Saturday at the mall, ewwww), because there are people with birthdays coming up, and because we're both looking for new shoes. (For reasons I don't understand, I always feel as though I look better when my shoes are what I view as sensible or competent. My boots, for example? I kick ass in those boots. You may then worship me as a boot-wearing goddess. Otherwise not so much. I have very little hope that I will find competent-feeling shoes in the category in which I need them, though, brown/tan/etc. dressy. Ah well.)

But there are other things that it would be good to do -- work, for both of us, and maybe watching the hockey game after Mindy and Tinjin have gone. (Scorecard: I became friends with Mindy when we were both in grade school. We didn't see much of each other for years, and now we both live out here. So there's that.) I've got the salads and the dessert made for lunch, so it's a matter of getting the house cleaned up (Mark is grilling for the rest of the meal). I'm still trying to keep my computer time minimized until I'm back up to 100% (or, let's be realistic, my usual 50%) in the neck/back region. So. Have a good Saturday.

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