Poster Child

8 May 2001

This week, I keep telling people, I'm the poster child for public transit. Or maybe just for BART. I don't know. But I intend to take BART today, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and pick up people from BART today and Thursday, and all of it is so convenient. I just feel like I'm on a commercial: "I never have to worry about parking! And instead of dealing with gridlock, I just sit back, read my book, and arrive in comfort! Try BART today!"

But it really is convenient. I hate driving.

Coincidentally enough, on my week o' BART, I started reading Lisa Goldstein's Dark Cities Underground, borrowed from Tim. Hmm. Maybe that's not convenient after all. Maybe it's a bad idea to be reading about the dark and sinister events related to BART, when I'm going to be riding it a lot. Now I'll be expecting dog-headed men and rain-dressed women to be popping up left and right.

I've got stories to read for the writing group in Mountain View tomorrow, and I still want to vacuum before Tim gets here. And maybe work on the cool new story I came up with yesterday. Oh, it's going to be good. You'll love it. It's got a guy who looks like Gardner Dozois wearing plastic pants. How much more appealing can I get?

Quote of the Day: "I dated a book editor once, and she was very cruel to me, too, so I'm trying to empathize."--Aaron

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