In Which The Family Arrives

7 May 2004

And today today today is the day my family arrives, Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa all here to celebrate Mom's 50th and to see a friend of theirs who's been sick. But mostly to celebrate. Mom said that my job was to get well, that I shouldn't worry about the house or baking a cake or anything like that. I think I'm finally getting there. I think tomorrow morning I'll wake up fine. That's what I think. The cough appears to be gone. I can't sing quite yet, but it feels more like a recovery can't-sing than a still-sick can't-sing.

Generally Mrissas are Very Bouncy Animals. Yesterday this was a problem: I kept trying to do the stairs at my normal bound up/clatter down pace. And I'd get to the top or the bottom of the stairs and get slammed with a wall of tired: oops. I will try to be more careful today.

My mom says they get violets in Omaha at their current house, but not at the house they lived in when I was little. So I was wrong that it was not an Omaha thing but right that it didn't happen where I was when I was little.

Last night I thought I was going to change part of the ending of Sampo. Then I read what I had and liked it, so: onwards towards the middle! Non-sequential writing for everybody! Or at least for me. Also I've been working (non-sequentially) on "Even Without Deceit," on the theory that "Family Leave" is going to be long and "EWD" is shorter and closer to finished but features the same characters and thus might scratch the same itch. Theoretically. Even though it's set in the East Bay and not in Minneapolis. Not in the cool Minneapolis spring sitting by Lake Nokomis with a hot breadstick from Fat's.

Okay, so not the same itch at all.

I have a few errands I need to run early this afternoon, and then I'm going to crash for awhile before the folks and grands get in. Don't expect to hear from me tomorrow or Sunday. Have a good weekend; I'll see you all Monday.

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