Still Not Stressing

2 May 2002

So I decided not to try to finish the lunar epoxy story yesterday. It would have gone well with a theme issue, but I was hungry and thirsty and had a headache from the two combined, and I hadn't talked to my parents in a long time, and there were millions of things to do around here. So I'll finish it later, don't know when. It wasn't quite gelling just now anyway, and it'll probably be better if I let it sit until I have a better idea of what to do with the ending.

It's not as if I have nothing else to work on right now....

I still can't believe I managed to actually let myself just relax without worrying about getting work done. And I'm not worried now. Getting work done, sure, but not worrying. Which is all for the best.

No May baskets again yesterday -- well, I didn't really expect them. But I do miss them. Last year when I wrote about them, lots of people wrote to me baffled: May baskets? What's that all about? Sigh. Deprived childhoods. Actually, I'd like to hear: did anybody else out there do May baskets?

The Wiley girls and I made little paper boxes for them one year, I remember. Used up all the construction paper. We were convinced that the boxes would be useful even if they weren't used for May baskets. My mother was not similarly convinced.

And -- Tom Prince is The Man. Awwww yeah. Tom Prince is my favorite ballplayer, the backup catcher for the Twins. He hit two homeruns for my birthday last year, remember? Well, he got another one yesterday, giving him as many homers in 23 at-bats this year as the poor little Devil Rays' 3, 4, and 5 hitters have had in 295 at-bats. Poor little Devil Rays. But you should never underestimate the backup catcher.

So I cropped a bunch of pictures. A bunch of pictures. I'm not sure when I'll get these pictures up on pages, but when I do, they'll start here. Ceej and I had a discussion early in the week about whether I'm photogenic. I think these pictures will answer that question with a firm NO, although there were a couple I liked. (I think photogenic people look as good or better in pictures as they do in real life. I don't think I qualify, on those grounds.) But I thought he'd be a bit upset if I cropped myself out of all of them, so here they are. Enjoy.

Me, I'm going to spend the day...Lord Lord, I don't know. The list is really long. Work, laundry, cleaning, printing rejected stories, groceries, post office, Hallmark, Target, Goodwill (eventually, dang it, I will get rid of these old clothes), recycling, library, fetching my book from the bookstore in the City who won't mail things, calling about my bridesmaid's dress, calling people, e-mailing people, filing things, writing paper letters to people, getting pictures together, putting old pictures away, and did I mention work? Yeah, I think I did. Breaking in boots. Putting the leather treatment on them. Putting the leather treatment on my coat. Getting the couch away from the bookcases. Changing sheets. Getting eye appointments made for the guys. Exchanging the wrong picture frames for the right ones. Exchanging the wrong long distance service for a less wrong one. Making calzones. Making sure the right vegetables are used up in the calzones before they go bad. Making sure nothing else has gone bad, either. And did I mention work? Yeah, I think I did.

That all sounds really stressy, but I'm actually regarding it with a bemused eye. Whatever. Stuff will get done. If it doesn't, it'll still demand doing whenever I get to it. When I asked myself, "Okay, so what's the first priority here?", my brain said, "White cranberry-peach juice!" Which wasn't on the list, but it sounds like a darn good idea, so I'm off to have a glass. And a day. You have a day, too. Even a good one.

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