Two Days' Worth

30 April 2002

So many e-mails to answer. And not today, most of them. We took Ceej to our new church, and now he can understand why we have a hard time feeling enthusiastic about joining. When we joined St. Mark's, they asked us why, and we had positive reasons. For this place, it feels like the answer is, "You aren't really, really terrible." Which is not the happiest thing in the world, but it'll do for the time being. We like church. We want one.

Then I combined recipes for portobello stroganoff and beef stroganoff and came out with this very happy double mushroom beef stroganoff for lunch. Yum. I'll put the recipe up when I get the chance. Mark, C.J., and I headed down to the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. We'd never been. It was pretty cool, although I wished we'd had a kid to borrow. I think my cousins Rebecca and Matt would have loved it, if their response to the science museum in Minnesota was any gauge. (Matt especially: much of the stuff was computer related.) We still had a very good time without a kid, though. Had Long Life for dinner up in Berkeley and came back to find that Timprov's monitor had died. It is Murphy's month for poor Timprov when it comes to computer stuff. So...we'll see what we can do that way.

Ahem. I was supposed to finish and post this yesterday. I forgot. Got distracted and never got back to it. So. The above stuff was Sunday, obviously. Yesterday C.J. and I went down to the Monterey Aquarium. It was gorgeous in Monterey, and the Aquarium was very cool. Otters, jellyfish, penguins...all good. (Last time we were there, they had no penguins, merely penguin stuff in the gift store.) The drive back was even fine -- 880 in rush hour? No problem!

I've been reading 'One Hell of a Gamble': Khruschev, Castro, Kennedy, and the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1958-1964, but only in small bites. Too much else on my plate, largely vacationy stuff, although I did work on the lunar epoxy story last night. I think I'm going to try to write the ending this morning before Ceej wakes up, and then I'll know how the rest of the middle goes. Otherwise -- it's our last full day with him here, and we're planning to go up to the City for at least part of it. I hope you enjoy your day as much as I have been. And it's my father-in-law Dave's birthday! Enjoy that, too!

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