Foggy Roads

27 April 2002

Evan would like all of you to know that the not-understated version of "several thousands of years" is "millions of years." I figured you knew that Pt. Reyes wasn't hanging around Los Angeles when Christ was born, and that you knew I knew it. But just to make sure. Also, "a tiny bit hyper" doesn't actually mean that I'm twitching my leg a little. Usually it's more along the lines of jumping up and down to the Bosstones for half an hour while dusting and doing other household chores, also talking like Jordan from "Real Genius." If I remember other characteristic understatements that you might have missed, I'll let you know.

Yesterday, Timprov and C.J. and I drove out to Half Moon Bay and had the best coffee I've had in California. The Gaylord's blended iced coffee might have been as good, but blended iced coffee is a different entity in my book. It was at a place called M. Coffee, and I'm not sure if that's supposed to be Em-Coffee or Monsieur Coffee, but either way, mmmm, coffee. This was while we were waiting for the fish taco place to open. Ceej was quite, quite skeptical of the fish taco place. He dutifully squeezed the limes onto the tacos and is now evidently a firm believer in fish tacos. Which is good. We stopped off at San Gregorio Beach, moving south on Highway 1, and admired the driftwood and the washed-up jellyfish, and generally enjoyed ourselves. We continued down Highway 1, which I love, but only in the daylight...I'd like to do a long trip on 1, but definitely only in the daylight. Anyway. We went through Santa Cruz, which hadn't changed much in the 10 months or so since I'd been there, although I didn't stop to check on details, and headed inland to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Admired the redwoods. Got to drive through fog on a one and a half line winding road. Only one idiot in a sports car tried to kill us, which is pretty good.

In the evening, Mark taught Ceej to play Go, and then we went to Cold Stone Creamery, which was a hit. (They have one in Plymouth, so it's not like it's exclusively Californian...but Plymouth is a fair piece from C.J.'s house if he didn't already know he liked the stuff.) So. A good day.

The only problem I have right now is that my old boots, kept around for hiking purposes, evidently no longer fit the way they once did, because they rubbed blisters on my toes on Thursday. They're also falling apart, so I've put them in the disposal pile (I think someone who really cared could sew the top up, since they're only falling apart along the seam, so I'll give them to Goodwill when I finally get there). Which means I have no boots to hike in. Today I'll manage with my trusty clogs or my elderly tennis shoes, but this doesn't solve the long-term problem. And due to my shoe problems, I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to find hiking boots that won't kill my feet when I break them in. I got some recommendations when I complained about bra manufacturers hating me...anybody have some boot ideas for someone with really sensitive feet?

Sarah has requested pictures from all of this stuff. I request patience. I barely had time to work a bit and get my rejected stories mailed out again last night. I'll see what I can do, but I promise nothing until Wednesday or Thursday.

Except that I'll have a good time in the interim. That, I can promise.

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