In Which Sea Serpents Run Ahead

26 April 2006

So the people at Dell Magazines have decided they want to feature Novel Gazing for the month of May, which is awfully nice of them. Go look at their websites: Analog and Asimov's.

(I suppose I'd better find something to say before it gets to be May, then....)

Ista is apparently waiting until after I go to bed to have her evening brat-time. This is just fine with me, although Mark and Timprov may have other things to say about it.

I think The Mark of the Sea Serpent has entered the stage where it rolls along down the hill and I run beside it and try not to run underneath it. The chapters that looked totally opaque last week look totally reasonable now. Strange are the ways of the book-writing brain. It's not as though the events of those chapters have changed in the last week. It's just that I didn't used to think I could sit down and write about the sea battle or the confrontation with Gullveig the Deathless, and now I can.

I'm looking through my now-finished paper journal, and the notes are funny: they start with being absolutely certain that I just don't have room for Gullveig the Deathless to show up onstage in this book, and without ever recording that it is a change of mind, do a 180-degree turn to insisting that she must. I believe I was saying something about strange book-writing brains....

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