In Which Our Heroine Isn't Disorganized, She's Improvising

25 April 2006

My parents' move has gone smoothly, as far as I've seen. They're enjoying exploring their new surroundings, and their neighbors seem to be very friendly. The house is lovely and will be even better when Mother has had time to paint and accessorize (and, y'know, unload boxes and stuff). And that will likely not be until after they get back from Australia, for the most part -- every time I think I'm having a busy month, I just think of theirs.

It's Ella Fitzgerald's birthday. I think what one does to celebrate Ella Fitzgerald's birthday is probably improvise, so I have no idea what we're having for dinner. It's not that I'm disorganized! It's in honor of a great American singer! Really!

The trees are being really, really enthusiastic with their pollen this spring. Really. I probably have worse allergies than I did last year, but still: the reaction is beyond that level of worse. Oof. Stupid trees.

The rabbits are, er, doing what rabbits do in the spring, and Ista finds it nearly irresistible: if some stupid monkey would let her out on the side lawn, she could get a bite of two rabbits at once! Two rabbits! At once! The advantages to this situation seem clear to a dog.

Earlier this week, I reread Growing Up Weightless and Westmark. Dissimilar old favorites, although I think Matt would have liked to play Theo. Now I'm reading Ken MacLeod's Learning the World, which is so far interesting to me in an abstract sort of way rather than being something I'm deeply involved with.

I'm also trying to find out about puffins.

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