Infusions of Happiness

25 April 2002

Ceej brought with him a bottle of what is called "raspberry infusion" from a vineyard on the St. Croix. Oh my. Oh my oh my. He made a sauce for our salmon with it. Timprov doesn't even like raspberries and wasn't in the mood for fish and ate more of it than he thought he should because it was just that good. And the raspberry infusion itself was absolutely deadly stuff to drink. We still have a bit in the fridge, but only because my better judgment beat my tastebuds and realized that it was considerably more alcoholic than it tasted. But: Raspberry Infusion, Saint Croix Vineyards. That's the stuff. You should definitely consider it for yourselves, your loved ones, even the people you like just a little. Because it's good, good, good.

I have pictures from C.J.'s and my wander around Mt. Diablo yesterday. I will crop them and post them...sometime. Later. I don't even have them pulled off the camera yet, which I have to do before we leave today so that there's room for more. Ceej got a digital camera, too, and one of the nice things there is that I get to be in pictures without having to go through the "will you take a picture of me" stuff. Digital cameras help us to share well. You'll see.

We did an entirely different type of ramble than Mark and I did, which was nice, and I wish I could say I planned it that way. Truth was, I couldn't find the trailhead for Mark's and my trail, so we went down to something called Rock City instead. (It sounds awfully more grandiose than it actually is.) Much less even terrain (I should have worn boots instead of clogs, but they're cork clogs, not wood clogs, so it worked out okay), and different flora. And fauna! We saw a grey fox running down one of the side trails. It turned and looked at us for a moment, and it had a canine lack of interest: "Who's that? Oh, never mind, I'm busy right now." (Rather than a feline one, "What can they do for me? Nothing. Bye.") Very cool, though. Bigger than we thought foxes were. And also there was ice cream and Catan and much happiness for all.

And today there will be more. In the meantime, I'm going to write a few e-mails and work a little on the lunar epoxy story while Ceej pretends to be asleep.

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