In Which Our Heroine Is Not Very Chatty

18 April 2005

Yesterday was a social day nearly from start to finish. Today is apparently a sick day. My dry throat turned into a sore throat, and from there we went to the kind of coughing spells that leave you seeing stars. Only for awhile, though. I feel better than I did this morning, which is unusual for me. Usually, as most of you know already, I am that dreaded creature, The Morning Person.

I reread A Civil Campaign, which is a good thing to reread when you're sick. And I read one of the Brother Cadfael mysteries, which are also good for when you're sick. And now I've borrowed one of the few Noel Streatfeilds I didn't find and read when I was a kid, and if there's a better thing to read when you're sick than one of your favorite children's authors in a volume you missed before, I'm not sure what it is.

I'm afraid the interesting bits are going to have to stay internal for now.

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