In Which Our Heroine Reads What's In Front of Her

17 April 2006

I spent the weekend at Minicon and had a very good time. Lots of people. I suspect that I'm going to have to take some hermit-days in the next week or two, so I'd better figure out how to get errands run on the days when I have to do stuff involving leaving the house and seeing people who don't live here.

I think one of my problems is that there are too many people I like in the world. Oh wailie woe; oh alack. Dreadful is my fate etc.

I hadn't done a reading since ICFA, and for those of you who didn't buy the souvenir program at the gate, that was in '99. I wasn't entirely sure of my abilities reading something verbatim: I was in speech and debate in high school, but I never wrote all the words in my speeches or debate cases. I used to extemp my oratories. (I hope Doc Tichy isn't reading this. Sorry, Doc!) Reading something out loud, reading it to oneself, and giving a speech are three not-entirely-related skills. It was a relief to find that I could still read aloud and not put people to sleep or have them wander off to see what was left for breakfast in the consuite.

I am so tired. It didn't hit me until just now, but here we are: tired. Reading Susan Palwick's new book from the library, but I'm not far enough into that to say how I like it. Working on The Mark of the Sea Serpent but not enough to say how it's going, except that I think I got through the mid-book doldrums and am into the "running to stay ahead of the rock chasing you downhill" part of the book writing. This part arrives much faster when one is writing a YA. I told Ctein it was all sea serpents and battles with headless gods from here, and he said, "Oh, good! That must be a relief." Which just goes to show you that Ctein is a very understanding person.

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