Many Adventures

10 April 2002

Right. Let's try this again.

I had started an entry about how I'm doing much, much better than I was yesterday. And I am. But about three paragraphs in, Agacante crashed and I had to hard boot her. Sigh. So. I'm still doing much, much better than I was yesterday, but the list sounds much more tired. I had a good conversation with Timprov before leaving for David's, where I had a good time. Virtuously bought groceries. Talked a little to Michelle and a lot to (her corresponding) Scott. Made a yummy satay and had it in a quiet evening at home with Mark. So. Generally a good day.

On the train up to Oakland, I finished The Illyrian Adventure, leaving me bookless. But I was at David's, so not to fear! I borrowed The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Oh my. Now I have to pretend to be a disciplined and adult human being, because otherwise I'd just lounge around in my pajamas reading Kavalier and Clay all day. I'm only about 100 pages in, but so far I recommend it quite highly. It's totally derailed me from The Red and the Black for the duration. I could read the rest of the Vesper Holly series when I'm done with Kavalier and Clay, just to continue the Adventure title theme...I don't know that it's worth it, though. I mean, it's been a decent theme so far, but I'm just not that into theme reading.

So, clear back when I came up with the Not The Moose Book, I thought there was only one scene with the non-moose (elk) in it. Turns out there's more than one, possibly as many as four, but probably more like three. Anyway, I wrote the first one yesterday, both the first one I've written and the chronologically first one in the book. It felt like a milestone to me, even though the book isn't really about the Not The Moose. Because it's still the Not The Moose Book, and there he was. Being not the moose and all. When you don't write chronologically, you have to make up your own milestones. So this is one. Yay, moose! Er, non-moose!

Heathah has pictures of her kids up at her homepage. They're cute kids and cute pictures. I'm pretty happy with it.

I didn't mention it yesterday, but it was pretty nifty on Sunday: I wore a skirt and no tights. It was warm enough that the dress I put on for church in the morning was just too warm, and the tights were unbearable, so I changed dresses and went bare-legged. I always love that day in the spring, the first day I can do that. It was always kind of ridiculous in Minnesota -- I wore spring clothes much sooner than they were warranted just because I could. But still. Very lovely breezy feeling, very spring.

The rain yesterday smelled almost right for spring, too, and everything in our immediate area is shockingly green. It's the sort of green where you have to open your eyes wider or you're going to miss some of the green. There's just that much of it. Last year's journal entries tell me we should think about going over to the reservoir or up to Mount Diablo or somewhere, because it's wildflower season, and we might as well not miss it, now that we're here and all. Also it reminds me that we should get back to Ikea for picture frames and cloudberries again. The benefits of online journals, I guess....

But I won't be making it to Ikea today, because my errand list is entirely long enough as it is, and in the wrong direction. I'm going south to Target, Trader Joe's, the library, the bank, and the post office. I think that's it, but if I see something else that needs doing down there, I'll stop in. I've needed to do errands for many days now, and I'm even motivated this time.

I will not, however, have adventures. Mark is prohibited from them (because usually they mean "the bus driver was completely insane"), so I have to restrain myself as well.

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