In Which Our Heroine Wallows In Pulpy Goodness

28 March 2004

Paul Douglas The Weather Guy is once again full of it in the paper. He predicted a high of 49. The temperature when I opened the front door to get the paper at 6:30 this morning was 52. It's allowed to get cooler, certainly, but still: silly Paul Douglas The Weather Guy!

I finished John M. Ford's The Last Hot Time yesterday, and it was jam-packed with pulpy goodness. I think Mr. Ford may have aimed at every kind of pulp novel there was, and succeeded. This is the sort of book that teaches you not to look askance at urban elf covers, if that's a lesson you need to be taught. Lovely.

Now I'm reading Robin Hobb's Fool's Fate. Last in a trilogy, the second trilogy with these characters. Fun stuff. I'm not wallowing in it like I was with The Last Hot Time, but I'm only 80 pages in, which for a book this big may not be time enough yet to work up a good wallow. Also, I'm a little caught up in the last few chapters of Stellaness.

Last night we ordered pizza for only the second time in this house. (The first was the night we moved in. We also got take-and-bake once. We've made innumerable homemade or frozen pizzas, but it's not the same thing.) We saved Stella's potstickers for today. We watched "Galaxy Quest," which I'd had a hankering to see and which C.J. had never seen. It's still funny. It's still good. The people who did this movie still understand us, geeks, fandom. It makes me happy.

Today, the plans involve church, the library book sale on its super-cheap bag day, potstickers, and I'm not sure what else. Probably a phone call with my mom, since it's Sunday, even though Dad's out of town. (We're the kind of family that piles on the phone extensions. I have friends who always talk to their parents separately. This confuses me.) More Not The Moose, more Stella book, more Robin Hobb book. Lots of book. Book book book. I'm in another one of those moods where I just have to look at my book to start working on it again. I think that's a good thing. I think those moods should be used to their fullest advantage. So there.

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