In Which Good Plans Are Carried Out

25 March 2004

Great plan for a Wednesday afternoon: pick up Stella and Roo. Walk around Lake of the Isles, gazing out on its frozen surface from its 65-degree shores. Pet many boppies. (It was apparently Poodle Day at Lake of the Isles. There were some little ones and then a gorgeous black standard poodle who gave Roo and me many, many puppy kisses.) For the rest of the afternoon, "dat dog" and "boppy" kept popping up in Roo's monologue. With an occasional "meeano," of course.

I also read some of Lyda Morehouse's Messiah Node; since I'm meeting Lyda for coffee in a couple hours and had been wanting to read it anyway, it seemed like decent timing. (It's a book I own, so I'd been putting it off, along with all the other lovely books I own. I really have to learn to trust the library to keep having the books I want to read.) (On the other hand, I'm going to the library book sale very soon, possibly today, so I'll be reminded of what they're getting rid of. But in a good way, I hope. Maybe.)

Not a very chatty week, I'm afraid; I'm kind of caught up in my own doings, and even with yesterday's long walk (=time away from the keyboard), my shoulders are Nixoning up in an annoying way. Later. Really.

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