In Which the Computer and the Mrissa Both Crash Early

22 March 2004

Early morning flight to California for Mark, which means an early morning airport run for me. Whee. And then my computer crashed twice when I tried to check my hotmail. Wheeeeeee.

But yesterday was good. I cleaned some and made red jungle fowl's joy, and happily there were enough people eating that we didn't have a vat of it left for later. Just enough to freeze a couple of servings and refrigerate a couple (or one, depending on who's eating it). And the Roo was babbly and adorable. We learned about how vitally he needs various things, including meeno (my piano) and bop (popcorn) and ride (horsey ride, of course). And cracker, and cheese. Also, we have mastered "moose" quite thoroughly. He was dragging the enormoose around as best he could, even though it was bigger than him. Awwwwwww.

Stella and Mike watched "Real Genius" with us a mere five months after it first came up that they hadn't seen it. I think they enjoyed it. I always do.

I finished reading Black Hearts in Battersea -- definitely not a stand-alone book -- and started Jo Walton's The King's Name. I worked on my book. Etc. I'm feeling a bit wary of my computer this morning due to the repeated crashes, so that's it for today. Have a good Monday.

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