In Which Sunday is Not Itself Somehow

19 March 2006

It is a very un-Sundayish Sunday: I ran around the metro doing things during the day, and in the evening I'm settling in and not doing much. If anything, usually it's the reverse.

I am discovering the perils of putting Gullveig the Deathless in a book. Not that the other figures of Norse mythology are some kind of delight to work with, but Gullveig the Deathless is, not to put too fine a point on it, a bitch on ice. (Most of these characters are something on ice. It's just that in this case, it's very clear what.) Work on The Mark of the Sea Serpent is going well enough that my Sunday off is rather more necessary than usual, because I would otherwise be killing my shoulders working on it some more, because I want to and because it's going so smoothly (if alarmingly, what with Gullveig the Deathless and all).

Right now I'm reading Ian MacLeod's The House of Storms, which is that odd in-between kind of interesting where you don't actually have to read that much of it at a time to be satisfied that you've had enough for the moment, but you also don't want to be done with the book and never find out what happens. I have a feeling that I will be glad to have read it. I don't know, though; anyway it's not holding on very tightly at the moment.

Yesterday Mark and I went to "V for Vendetta." I am apparently too cynical for this movie. It's very disturbing when reviews talk about how dark and graphic a movie is, and then you discover you're too cynical for it. Also I suspect that Stephen Fry is like puppies: I am suspicious of any movie that mistreats either. Despite that, we had a good time. This morning Timprov and I watched "My Neighbor Totoro," which was...not at all like "V for Vendetta," really. But enjoyable, definitely, and while it lacked Stephen Fry, it also didn't do anything mean to Stephen Fry. So.

(Stephen Fry played Jeeves in "Jeeves and Wooster," among other things. Looking at his IMDB entry, I am seized with the urge to watch "Wilde" and "Cold Comfort Farm" because he's in them. For some reason, "Spice World" and "Thunderpants" do not provoke the same urge. Go figure.)

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