In Which Process Is All

15 March 2006

Today I took Timprov to one of his doctors and was a mighty hunter-gatherer, hunting and gathering shampoo and milk and many other fine things, some of which are still secrets waiting for moments when a little surprise item from the grocery store or Target could make somebody smile.

My dad is spending more of his work week up here these days, since he's already doing the work that will move the folks up here near us. I haven't talked about this much because most of the stuff there is to say about it isn't mine to say -- what they're looking for in houses or how they feel about it, that's theirs, not mine, and this is my journal, not theirs. But it does mean that we've been having my dad down for dinner roughly once a week. He comes in full of news about his new employees and the things they're all coming up with together, all the zero-discharge processes and the like. Puns based on ethanol-production chemistry. When someone calls him with a work-related question these days, half the time he shouts with laughter at something in the conversation. It's good to see.

We're still waiting on some news from family members, and we're in the middle of some other processes. Up to our ears in process, in fact. It's a good thing I'm serious about that journey-not-a-destination bullshit, I guess. Makes the rest go a bit easier.

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