When I was little, I would come to Minneapolis to stay with my grandparents for weeks at a time. Grandma and Grandpa both worked outside the home then, so I would go to Aunt Ellen's on Tuesday and Thursday and to Aunt Doris's on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And at least once a summer, Aunt Ellen and I would go to Como Park.

Well, the animals weren't out in the cold while we were there, and we really had no interest in riding the rides. What we were there for was the conservatory. So was everyone else. There's nothing like Como Park Conservatory in March -- everyone wants to visit spring. People come in and just drink green, no matter how comparatively mild the winter has been.

Most of the pictures I took were in the Sunken Garden. I'm very glad we were there the week before Holy Week instead of the week of -- all that color was going to be replaced by whites, mostly white lilies. I'm sure it'd be gorgeous in a different way, but....

This is Uncle Phil, me, and Aunt Ellen in what I think is called the Palm Room. Interestingly enough, this is the room I remember most from my childhood, even though the Sunken Garden has always been the most spectacular. I don't think the Palm Room was my favorite, although it might have been. It's just the one I remember most clearly.

And here's Cathy, me, and Aunt Ellen. (Cathy is Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil's daughter, for those of you who are still in need of a scorecard.)

I was just taken by this funny, snaky flower.

Como also has a room full of bonsai.

The Fern Room was a little weak, but there were lots of things of which I didn't take pictures. Ah well. Next time. There will be a next time.

And one more childhood hangout -- I went down to Omaha soon after we went to Como Park, and Kev came and fetched Mark and me for lunch at the Buffalo Company. (That was a late teenage place, not a childhood place. Be patient.) After that, we drove out to Walnut Grove Park.

Boing! I loved the boingy things as a kid. Actually, I still do. The folks used to get picnics together and take them out to Walnut Grove, and we would eat while sitting on the boingy things.

Mark was unimpressed with the boingy things. Ah well. I know what I like. Evidently it's flowers and boingy things.

That's all.