In Which March Doesn't Happen All At Once

2 March 2006

There is a rather large health situation with a member of our extended family. We don't know a lot about where this is going yet, and I don't feel very comfortable talking about it, but it's taking up a good deal of our mental landscape right now: what decisions will family members make, and how will those go? Nothing to do but wait and see. Cell phones make it much easier to sit by the phone and still have enough groceries and all that.

My dad is spending more time working up here these days, and probably will until they get moved. This week he had a few hours free enough to have dinner with us, which was good; last week they didn't give him five minutes for ice cream.

The family member's health thing has kind of moved everything else into reporter mode: finished antibiotics. Wrote story. Read book. Made dinner. Waited.

Flipping the calendar over to March seems to have flipped over a different kind of waiting in my head. "Sarah's baby is due in March," my brain keeps saying. "It's March now. Sarah's baby is due now!" No, brain. March is not all one thing. There are over four weeks in it. Silly, silly brain.

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