Temporary Tourists

2 March 2002

Well, we got a late start yesterday, and Fukusuke (the Japanese restaurant in Sausalito where we intended to eat) was closed for lunch, so we had to walk around and find a different Japanese restaurant, Ginger Something-or-Other. Its tempura batter was really good, but otherwise not an outstanding place to eat. Not bad, either, though. We went through the Bay Model in Sausalito -- very cool, and a good place to take geeks in the future. (Including my dad. Hoo boy, including my dad.) It's an acre-sized building containing a working hydraulic scale model of the Bay. They use it to talk to the public about water usage and flow, and to model proposed changes in the Bay and see how the water will change. Nifty.

At the Bay Model, we discovered that my camera batteries were running low (pictures will follow when I get around to them), so I didn't take pictures at Muir Woods and Muir Beach because we'd just been there fairly recently, with Sarah in November. I'm going to get some batteries before we head out to Alcatraz today, though. We substituted Muir Beach in for Point Reyes, because of our delays -- didn't want to do a bad job on either of them. Who wants to rush through the redwoods? It does mean a later outing, though, because I still want to go up to Point Reyes again before I write the story that's set there. We also decided that we should hike on Mount Tam before we leave the Bay Area.

I made company chicken, of course, and then we did up the chocolate pasta for dessert. Strawberry cream sauce and fudge on top. It was okay, but the chocolate pasta was mostly a vehicle for the creamy strawberry fudge, making me think that next time I could just skip the pasta completely. But it was something different to have, and it wasn't bad, certainly.

Today's plan is to head in on BART and go to Alcatraz and have Ghirardelli sundaes, and then to come back here for red jungle fowl's joy. Yum. Hmm. I could have sworn I had the recipe for that up before. Well, here it is.

I've been working in bits and pieces on "A Nose for Spirits," which now has a working title, yay! Because "the stinky ghost story" just isn't that appealing, and Karina would string me up if I called it "The Scent of Freshly-Cracked Walnuts." (Because I got her not to use that name for her story for WIHA because it came too close to Terry Bramlett's "The Smell of Dangerous Jasmine.") Not a lot of work this weekend, having company and all.

I finished that sentence, and Company asserted himself, waking up, sitting up, and all that. So...short entry today. I have very many thoughts about uses of technology in SF, and about siblings in myth, and so on. But I'm going to cut this off and leave you with the thought that Timprov shared on Thursday: George Carlin looks an awful lot like Lenin, doesn't he? And have you ever seen them together?

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