In Which Some Things Make Our Heroine's Life Easier

25 February 2004

One of the freaky things about this journal is that people will write to me out of the blue and without preamble about something I wrote three years ago. It seems that there's a wild dichotomy between people who feel the need to apologize and explain for even turning up in my inbox and people who shrug and say, "She wrote it, she put it on the internet, she must know what I'm talking about." For the record, I like hearing from readers, so you don't have to apologize, but some context would often be useful. Especially if you're staring the entry (or story) in question right in the face, so you can easily write down the date or title of it. It will make my life easier.

On the theme of things that make my life easier, I would do a testimonial for a heated mattress pad any time they asked me. Any time at all. I'd go on looking like one of those weirdly perky paid programming people and gush about how it had changed my life. Which it hasn't, really, except being incrementally more comfortable. Which I suppose is a change. Still. Love it. You know how you're not supposed to lie on your heating pads? This is specifically designed to lie on. So when you're having really bad cramps or your back really hurts, and just clutching the heating pad to it is not enough, you can crank up the mattress pad. It is goodly good.

More things that make my life easier: laser printing. Even when I have to chase all over town to buy the toner, it goes so fast.

And I have a bread machine now, and I'm going to make bread in it. I was going to try it out right away, but then a dozen other things intervened. And then we got some bread Mike had made, so there was that to eat, and so on. But now we could use some bread. And while kneading can be a great goodness, I don't really have the time for it today. I'm glad Stella has been able to move coffee to later in the week, because on top of all the normal things I'm asking myself to do today, Dad's in town on business, so I get to have pah or something good with him. (Someday my family will start calling it pie again, maybe. But Jen was just so cute with her pee-can pah that we cain't -- er, can't -- resist.)

I'm sure I could come up with other things that make my life easier -- ooh ooh, contact lenses! Which reminds me -- sigh. I launched enthusiastically into my "we live in the fuuuuture" spiel at lunch with my aunt last time I was home, and she laughed fondly and said, "I'm sure you do at your house, Rissa." And I kind of sputtered and stopped, because there was just no way we were getting from here to there. I tried with my favorite ordinary examples, and Mark jumped in with his $2 CPU, and it was all downhill from there. And I guess that's fine. I love my aunt and she loves me, so if we don't always see where the other one is coming from, we can deal with that.

Aaaaanyway. I'm sure I could come up with other things that make my life easier, but I've got enough other stuff to handle that I think we'll just stop here. More tomorrow. Really.

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