In Which We End With Something Important

20 February 2004

We talk a lot about subversion, in this field, and I can see why. It can be fun to subvert a fairy tale, or to twist an old trope around until you have to cross your eyes to see what it was to begin with. But some stories are worth telling straight up, too.

And sometimes, I'm just so obvious it's not even funny. I had been kind of enjoying Dragon Bones, and then they got to the bit where one of the provinces' old rebellions was rekindling, and they had me. Province rebelling under wicked king's yoke -- yes, sign me up, please. Only it didn't really turn out to be about that, which was sad. But still, I could just watch my interest level perk up in that section. Heart on my sleeve, that's me. And there's a sequel; maybe that gets more into the rebellion against the oppression of the wicked king.

It makes me realize that some of my tastes were fixed at age 8 at the very latest. Which is daunting when it's that specifically clear. On the other hand, well, I was an interesting 8-year-old, so it works out.

Oooooh, winter! You came back to me! The trees are all frosted again, and it's snowing, snowing! And gorgeous, so gorgeous. That winter wonderland feel with the wet snow sticking to things.

I'm reading Christopher Moore's Fluke and Modris Eksteins's Rite of Spring: the Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age. So far I'm not really getting into either one. I don't trust Eksteins's interpretations, after reading the introduction; we'll see if he continues with the melodrama or if he backs off a bit. And the Moore...maybe it'll pick up when I get a little further into it. I think the thing is, both of these are library books, and I need to return them when I go back to the library next week. I am not, however, in a particularly thrilled mood for either one. And I really really would like to read some of the other books on my non-library piles. The contrast is not flattering, is the problem.

And never mind all that. Here's something important before I'm off to work:

His Noahness! With parental entourage, of course.

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