In Which Our Heroine Is Doing Fine, Actually

19 February 2004

So I finally got around to pictures last night. We have: Kari's shower, all kinds of snow, snow and ice sculptures at the Winter Carnival, and the Ice Palace. I particularly recommend the snow and ice sculptures; they rule.

And it's one less thing on my list. Whew.

I am not, in fact, coughing. You might have been wondering if there was a cold settling in my back, due to its warmth yesterday afternoon. (You probably weren't. But you might have been.) So I just want to state for the record: definitely not coughing, me. No viruses here. I will be fine to go to Aunt Mary's show opening at noon today. (Or not: turns out Aunt Mary isn't coming due to weather up north, so there's no reason I should go today and not some other time.) I will be fine to go to lunch with Rachel and possibly Ben tomorrow. I will be just dandy for dim sum with whichever scions of the Evans clan manage to make it for dim sum Saturday. Because I am not coughing, and I wouldn't dream of getting sick.

Got that?

We have a new water heater in the basement, hurray for that. One less thing to worry about, and it never went out on us while it was breaking. So, yay house. And yay homeowner's warranty. The people who did the replacement were making noises about how they didn't think the warranty would cover this or that or the other, but unless we hear from them that they won't, it is officially not my problem.

I missed my journal anniversary a few days back. Oh well. Sorry there was no party, but it wasn't that you didn't get invited.

Despite my back being nasty and my head being snozzly, I'm in a good mood again today. I don't know what it is this week. Looking at my journal entries from last year, it may just be that I like late February. Which is, frankly, a bit eccentric. It's gray and slushy or icy and snowy or both on alternating days, and that's in the parts of the country I like. It doesn't smell green and alive like spring, and it doesn't smell crisp and exciting like winter. It doesn't smell like it should be a good mood time. But it is, apparently.

Maybe my current good mood is helped along by the fact that I have Alec's latest book to read and crit. Maybe it's that my own book is going well, or that one of my friends popped up reminding me how much he likes the "MacArthur Station" stories and that I could maybe do another one. Maybe it's that all the chores I have around me seem doable, all the tasks reasonable, all the people likeable and sometimes even lovable. Full of good things, this life I have. Much niftiness for meeeeeee. So I smile at the Jehovah's Witnesses at the door, I shrug at the twinges in my shoulders, I reach for the next thing and smile. Because the next thing is good.

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