In Which the Social Flower Makes a Recommendation

11 February 2003

I was a social butterfly yesterday. Well, actually, I didn't flutter anywhere. I stayed here, and people fluttered to me. So maybe I was a social flower. Nobody ever says that, though. Anyway, I made my applesauce raisin bars (which, I just realized, are fully vegan-friendly as long as you use oleo, which I did, and as long as you don't frost them with cream cheese frosting, which I also did, but rather dust them with powdered sugar, which I could have done, but I haven't invited any vegans over, so). I did a bunch of laundry (and have more to do yet). And I read Fool on the Hill.

What a fabulous book. Wow. If I hadn't been trying to finish it before Wendy arrived, I might not have sat down and read it all the way through in so few sittings. But I might have. It was that good. I was captivated. It made me forget about wanting to read Dumas for awhile, and jolted me out of that mindset a bit, which is all for the good, I think: too much Dumas is dangerous. It also made me want to write odes to my own college dorm, but that's for another day. (I miss short stories. But soon, soon, I will have my short story binge, and all will be well.) Anyway, Matt Ruff. Fool on the Hill. Good, good, good stuff. Highly recommended.

I finished it, and then Wendy arrived, and we had tea and hung out, and she gave me the item she had picked up for me to give to Timprov, because I couldn't find it on Sunday, and I knew where Wendy could. (Thanks, Wendy!) And then Amber came down, and we discovered she hadn't seen "Galaxy Quest," so we bid Wendy farewell and went to the video store. Amber stayed until way past my bedtime, but there were times when I could have said, "Okay, time for you to go home now," and I didn't, because we were talking, and it was fun. So.

That took up most of the day, actually. I got a couple of rejected stories ready to go, wrote a few opening lines, but mostly it was a reading/socializing day. A Well, not quite off, since I was doing house chores. But pretty much off, and it was good. And now I need to make up for it today, right? Of course right. So you'll forgive me for the short journal entry, right?

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