Not a Contingency

1 February 2003

The Columbia exploded on re-entry.

It's my grandpa's 75th birthday, and I read a bunch of stuff yesterday and did some work, and I will today, probably. But I'll be glued to the news for a good while this morning. I'll write about that other stuff tomorrow.

They're calling it a "contingency." Tragedy would be more appropriate. Right now my big fear is that they're talking about whether they'll need to abandon the space station and send the current crew back in the Soyuz.

Oh God, oh God. I woke up and Timprov was already watching it, and I couldn't stop saying, "Not again, not again." I was 7 last time. We were at Cape Canaveral in January, that year. We were supposed to watch the launch, but it was delayed.

I don't know what to say. Just go get the news.

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