We're up to Sunday now? Right. I hung out with Trent in the afternoon on Sunday -- no pictures, though. The camera was at home, and we didn't have time to stop home because lunch took forever. Anyway, it was nice to have coffee with Trent again and talk in person, although he still seems to be more comfortable in e-mail. Then that evening Mark and I went out for supper with Scott, Michael, and Kevin.

We went back to Mike's place to play U.S. Patent No. 1 (yes, another Cheapass Game) and talk and generally hang out. This is Michael's first apartment. And the above is Michael, making the face he makes when he's about to say, "Oh, I see" and laugh a bit.

Kev, avec goatee.

Scott and me, looking silly.

There was a matter of some question as to what the rules were. This is Scott's patented "What did you do?" scolding look. He does it a lot. (Mark thinks it's not a good picture. Well. It's not a good picture, but it's one that makes me smile, because I'm so familiar with that expression.)

So. We admired Michael's apartment and nearly ripped his throat out over his closets. (He seriously has more closet space than my parents do, and they have two closets in their bedroom and one each in the office and guest room.) And do you want to know what he pays for that apartment? No. You don't. If you live in the Bay Area or somewhere comparable, it will make you weep, and if you don't, you probably won't care anyway.

And then it was Christmas Eve.