On New Year's Eve morning, Sarah and Lin and I went shopping for a wedding dress for Sarah and a bridesmaid's dress for me. Sarah had not been dress shopping before, so it was more a matter of looking at general styles than of finding the dress of her dreams.

I wanted the pictures that were good of Sarah, rather than of the dresses. And I liked this expression.

This was the funny one. None of us noticed that the back of this dress was, um. Ornamented. Sarah is not the bow-on-your-butt type, much less the huge-roses-in-a-row-on-your-butt type. She couldn't stop laughing. Neither could Lin and I.

This was just to look at how the style of the dress worked, since I'd never worn a two-piece formal before. It worked decently well, concealing the fact that the skirt part didn't fit me at all and I was this close to falling out the top. Sarah would not make me wear ice blue. Sarah loves me. Sarah is going to let me wear a nice, dark color that doesn't clash with the glowing pallor of my skin. But it was an amusing shopping trip.

Sarah was then engrossed in the catalog she'd gotten.

This is what happens when you try to do something to Matt and he doesn't really want you to. He'll let you, but you'll get The Look of Amused/Annoyed Tolerance.

Dan. Sandwich.

If I had a book and was on Sarah's other side, this would be a totally typical picture of how things go in the Gritter household when everybody is there. Some of us are reading. Some of us are playing computer games. Some of us are kibbitzing on others' computer games. It's pretty quiet, except for when Dave decides to practice playing the organ. Which is often but not unpleasant, so it works out.

Okay, that's it. Go home already.