In Which Our Heroine Needs Time To Thaw

28 January 2004

I triumphed over enough crud to go to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil's last night. On the way up, we drove past the Ice Palace. It's so purty. I said to Mark, "We live in the best city in the world." (St. Paul counts as part of the same city when I want it to and not when I don't. Obviously. Ice Palace, Sakura, and the Wild, the family Evans, the Science Museum, possibly Bread and Chocolate: our city. Other stuff is still up for discussion.)

But it is so cold here today. So cold. High of zero Fahrenheit. Wheeee. So we will not be going to the Ice Palace today. Probably we won't go until Mark and I get back from Omaha. It is never ever supposed to get as warm as zero on Friday. That would be a tropical paradise compared to how cold it's supposed to be. We will be dreaming of the days of naught. A good day for heading south, I think. Into the Nebraska winds, rah!

And there's enough to do today that I'm not going to talk about forbidden tropes or anything else that's on my mental list. I'm just going to go get stuff done. Sorry. More tomorrow, when we've thawed a bit, maybe.

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