In Which The Heating of Water Takes On More Significance Than Usual

23 January 2004

"When should I schedule my business trip?" asked Mark, and I said, "Oh, the warmest, driest week of the month." And it's been colder than billy hell all week, but mostly dry. Now it's snowing at a pretty good rate. We'll have to shovel before Mark gets home. I'm okay with that, though.

In other news, we're so lucky! We get a new water heater! How lucky is that! Actually, it is lucky: the water heater is currently covered under warranty, so we get a new one for $100, and the warranty people can pay for the rest. Yay, warranty. But it does mean that the water heater guy, who seems nice, is in and out of the house all morning and possibly into the afternoon. And also it means that I'm having lunch with Rachel and Ben here instead of out somewhere. And also I'm not sure when I'll get -- ah. Well. I don't know if this is good or bad: the nice water heater guy determined that he couldn't find anyone to help him and told me to call the warranty people and get them to assign some other company. So the up side is that I got a shower in before the other people came, and the down side is that I don't know who will be coming or when. Sigh.

It's a good way for the hot water heater to have broken: leaking so that it indicates its doneness, but not entirely ceasing to heat water, which would be (it hardly needs saying) bad. If ever there was weather for an icy shower, this is not it. So. Waiting by the phone, that's least I can work and read while I do it.

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