In Which All Coherence Is Book-Directed

19 January 2004

It was -4 Fahrenheit when I dropped Mark off at the airport this morning. Again the garage door tried to warn us: you need him here! Don't go out there! It's cold, and then you'll have one less body and one less computer warming my house! But alas, the garage door went unheeded.

Finished Spirits in the Wires. Enjoyed it, though I wasn't entranced as I was with some of the Newford short stories I've read. Just before bed, I started Thomas DuBois' Nordic Religions in the Viking Age, and had to stop: too many notes to take in the first few pages to go on with it as bedtime reading. Some independent story ideas, some things that'll make current story ideas better. I think this is going to be a good book for me. I think I'm going to read it and make happy humming thoughtful noises.

I don't know, folks. What would you like to hear about? I'm just not feeling public journal-y today. I'm not feeling coherent in any direction but the novel, novel, novel. I'm feeling like going out to a coffee place and writing, but first I think I'd better get some words down on the screen. Maybe do that until I get to a point where I'm not sure where to go, and then...

...then I'd probably have keeled over dead from hunger. Because I know lots of places to go with this book. So, yeah. Dunno. We'll see whether I actually get out to a coffee place or not. We need groceries eventually, so I'll have to leave the house in some direction. Whether it involves warm beverages will just have to be a question left for tomorrow's entry. Or Wednesday's if I put off the grocery thing....

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