In Which The Map-Making Isn't The Best Part

12 January 2004

Mark needs a new desk and possibly chair. I just need a new desk chair: this chair is drastically the wrong height for this desk, and it hurts after awhile. And I don't want to end up with permanent damage to the me. So eventually we'll be heading out to the office store for that stuff. One of the ergonomics sites I saw was claiming that you needed to have rollers on your chair. Can anybody tell me why? If I can find an adjustable chair that doesn't roll, I'd much rather have that, if there's no good reason not to.

Lots of Stuff around here yesterday. The highlight was dinner at Fat Lorenzo's with Stella and Mike and Roo. Stella brought books to return and books to borrow and -- !! -- a starting letter for the Letter Game. Rah! So that'll be something fun to do sometime this week, as a break from the usual stuff. Time was too short, but it always is.

Oh, and Stella said she'd heard the fame of my nine-rejection day spreading far and wide beyond my usual circles. Hee. Uh, thanks, postal service. Not the way I'd choose to have fame, but, y'know, whatever. And apparently it was making people feel comparatively good about their own plights. I can deal with that, I guess.

I learned this morning that Minneapolis and St. Paul have different Girl Scout councils. Who use different bakers. Which means: more kinds of Girl Scout cookies for me! I love Girl Scout cookie time. I have hopes of actual in-person door-to-door Girl Scouts this year. Maybe. It could happen. It's more likely than in California, at the very least; I had Boy Scouts doing a canned goods drive not that long ago.

I'm still reading Medieval Iceland, and chewing it over, and making notes. By the time I finish with the Not The Moose, I'll be ready to jump in on The Mark of the Sea Serpent, although I'll have to reread Dwarf's Blood Mead first. And I'm thinking I'll actually have to draw maps and decide where all the major families go and not just who they are. And I have some decisions to make on the topic of the foreigners. More than one flavor of foreigners, since Lisved's people and Ragnar's foreigners are not the same folks.

I used to love this part best, the note-making and the map-drawing and all. Now I get impatient with it: I want to get to the meat of the story. I drew a map of Soldrun and Lisved's journey for DBM, but it was more by way of augmenting the outline. I could pull things out of orifices -- "Oh, yes, that's where the sons of Thorbjorn live; no, they can't go there, Audd is old and suspicious of anyone she hasn't known for at least ten years." But I can't guarantee that my orifices are consistent, so I think I'd better have a good, large-sized map labeled with the different keyholders and chieftains, just in case.

I'm going to wait until the last minute, though, because I have other things I'd far rather do in the writing work category, and other things that seem far more important, and some of them even overlap. Imagine that. If it keeps happening, I'm going to start thinking I'm taking these things in the right direction.


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